Sleeves To Go to wear with Your Existing Apparel... Simply Snap & Go. 

Sometimes you want to wear your favorite tank top, but going sleeveless may not be an option.  Now you can solve this problem in a SNAP!  Just snap on some Trendy Sleeves and you’re good to go!  

Trendy Sleeves are the latest fashion innovation to help women dress for all occasions and situations.  Our sleeves can attach to most sleeveless apparel or bra straps to turn your tank into a sleeved top.  No longer do you have to sacrifice fashion for formality.  You can wear your favorite sleeveless tops all year round with Trendy Sleeves.  We believe there’s a Trendy Sleeve for every occasion!  They are perfect for work, play, parties, formal events, or whatever your life calls for.  Trendy Sleeves come in a variety of colors to match all your tops!  You’ll find them in an array of colors.

You will feel confident wearing Trendy Sleeves, as they give you the assurance that your outfit is appropriate for all occasions.  They give you the freedom to wear any and all of the tops in your closet.  Trendy Sleeves will not only give you the certainty you need, but they will also save you money on buying more tops!

Never again will you find yourself caught off-guard, wishing you were a bit more covered up.  Trendy Sleeves are small enough to pack in your purse, so you can take them with you anywhere!

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